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Brass Accessories

Brass Accessories
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Brass 15 Light Candelabra Fan
Brass15 Light Candelabra Fan, freestanding, includes mechanical dripless candles. Call for reser..
Brass 5 Light Tabletop Candelabra
5 Light Brass Tabletop Candelabra, 14" tall.  Also available in silver.  $12.50 / ea. Call for re..
Brass 7 Light Candelabra
Brass 7 Light Candelabra, freestanding, adjusts for angle or horizontal position.  Includes mechan..
Brass Arch
Brass Arch - round top, 7 1/2' tall x 6 1/2 ' wide, ivy and other accessories shown not included. ..
Brass Candle Lighter
Brass Candle Lighter    $6.00 / ea Call for reservation.  ..
Brass Double Heart Candelabra
Brass Double Heart Candelabra, 18 light, freestanding.  Includes your choice of mechanical driples..
Brass Plant Stand - Accordion
Brass Plant Stand with accordion folds, adjustable height, plant not included. $18.00 ea Call fo..
Brass Single Heart Candelabra
Brass Single Heart Candelabra, 17 light, freestanding.  Includes mechanical dripless candles. Does..
Brass Single Light Candle Stand
Brass Single Light Candle Stand, free standing or clamp-on, includes glass globe and mechanical dr..
Brass Unity Candle
3 Light Brass Unity Candle, freestanding, includes two side candles that are mechanical and driple..
Kneeling Benches
Brass Kneeling Benches with white cushions $25 / pair. Call for reservation.  ..
Registry Stand
Brass Regsitry Stand - with wood top. ..